【Hilton Tokyo企画展】上根拓馬「Element of ASURA」

会期:9/1-10/30  9時〜19時




9/1から10/30までの2か月間は、上根拓馬個展「Element of ASURA」を開催しております。9/9から9/24までは、EARTH+GALLERYにて「世界はエレメントに満ちている」をテーマに、近作と新作を、エレメントという言葉の括りにより再構成しています。

光のエレメント表現として Marici( 摩利支天をコンセプトとしたインスタレーション ) 炎のエレメント表現として Circle of Homura( 四天王と焔のテクスチャの立体作品 ) 水のエレメント表現として Guardians Celestial beast,Airavata( 龍王をコンセプトとした立体作品 ) 重力のエレメント表現として The Guardian Head of Gravity( 等身大の頭の立体作品 )

4 種類のエレメントの意味性を隠喩的に内包した作品群が空間を満たしていきます。

この機会に是非ヒルトン東京(新宿)とEARTH+GALLERY(江東区木場)にてご高覧いただくと共に上根拓馬の造形作品を通し、エレメントとしての意味性と神仏としての 意味性、作品を様々な観点から視ることにより世界に満ち満ちているものを感じて頂ければ幸いです。

上根はもともと絵画専攻であったものの、フィギュアという形式に変容させな がら、作品の細部までコンセプトに忠実に再現を試み立体作品群を制作し続けてきました。その探究心は、今や幼き日に仏像の佇まいや、サブカルチャーの作り 手の思考から感じとった『畏怖と畏敬の念』をダイレクトに表現するための重要な要素の一つとなり、提示される作品群は、親しみのある「フィギュア」という 存在でありながら観るものの前に仏像の如く静謐を湛え鎮座します。

A collaborative project between Hilton Tokyo (Shinjuku), NESPRESSO, and EARTH+GALLERY, launched on May 1, with a new exhibition every two months.

For the two-month period from September 1 to October 30, Takuma Uone's solo exhibition "Element of ASURA" will be held.

From 9/9 to 9/24 at EARTH+GALLERY, under the theme of "The World is Full of Elements", recent and new works will be reconstructed by the word "elements".

Marici ( installation based on the concept of Marici Ten ) as an expression of the element of light, Circle of Homura ( a three-dimensional work with textures of the Four Heavenly Kings and flame ) as an expression of the element of fire, Guardians Celestial beast, Airavata ( an installation based on the concept of the Dragon King ) as an expression of the element of water, and Airavata ( an installation based on the concept of the Dragon King ) as an expression of the element of water. The Guardian Head of Gravity ( a three-dimensional work of a life-size head ) as an expression of the element of gravity.

The works that metaphorically encompass the meanings of the four elements will fill the space.

We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the Hilton Tokyo (Shinjuku) and EARTH+GALLERY (Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo), and through Takuma Uone's sculptures, we hope you will feel the fullness of the world by viewing his works from various perspectives, including the meaning as an element and the meaning as a god or Buddha. We hope you will feel the fullness of the world by looking at his works from various perspectives.

Although Uwane originally majored in painting, he has continued to create three-dimensional works, attempting to faithfully reproduce the concept in every detail of his artworks, while transforming them into figurines. This inquisitive mind has become one of the important elements to directly express the "sense of awe and reverence" that he felt from the appearance of Buddhist statues and the thoughts of the creators of subculture in his childhood. The works presented in the exhibition are familiar "figurines," yet they sit before the viewer with the serenity of a statue of Buddha.