【Hilton TOKYO Chocolate Lounge Art Exhibition】山上渡 Wataru Yamakami「暁と黄昏 / Dawn and Dusk」

会場:ヒルトン東京ロビーフロアChocolate Lounge(東京都新宿区西新宿6丁目6−2)

会期: 2024 年 7月 2日‒2024年 8 月 31 日  
時間: 9:00 - 19:00



EARTH+GALLERYでは、ヒルトン東京(新宿)との協働プロジェクトとして、Hilton TOKYOロビーフロアChocolate Loungeにて、2か月毎に企画展を開催し、日本で活躍しているアーティストを海外からのお客様へ紹介しています。

2024/7/2から8/31までの2か月間は、山上渡個展「暁と黄昏/ Dawn & Dusk」をテーマに山上自身の人生における転機であった2016年のペインティング作品を中心に、2024年制作の立体作品を展示し開催いたします。





2019年には文化庁新進芸術家海外研修員としてインドネシア、ジョグジャカルタに滞在。インドネシアを代表するアーティスト、ヘリ・ドノが受け入れ先となり、2020年、ヘリ・ドノが設立したスペース「Studio Karahan」にて個展を開催。2022年、水力発電所跡を利用した富山下山発電所美術館にて個展「セカイノセカイ -風をあつめて、そらへはなつ-」を開催。12m×7mの巨大な絵画を展示し、風によって動くインスタレーションを行った。

2022年より、小池博史演出公演の舞台美術を担当。2024年7月29日~8月9日「BREATH TRIPLE」公演後、8月10日~8月25日、山上渡の舞台美術展をEARTH+GALLERYにて開催予定。


Wataru Yamakami began painting graffiti on the streets of Tokyo from the age of 16. At the age of 18, Yamakami embarked on a hitchhiking trip and traveled around Japan, Thailand, India and South American countries for about four years while creating art works. In India, he spent about a year moving from place to place studying religion and rituals. He became interested in shamanism and traveled around Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, and held his first solo exhibition in Cusco, Peru.

The origin of Yamakami’s themes “proliferation and transformation”, “connection of boundaries”, and “exploration of connection points” goes back to his encounters with shamans, indigenous peoples, and hippies. For Yamakami, the act of painting and creation is an attempt to connect this world full of questions with Yamakami himself.

He won Special Award, The 12 th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art in 2009 and Runner-up Prize and Audience Award, Tokyo Midtown Award in 2013. In 2019, he received a grant from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs for Upcoming Artists and stayed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Heri Dono, a renowned artist representing Indonesia, was hosting Yamakami. In 2020, a solo exhibition was held at the space, Studio Karahan established by Heri Dono. In 2022, he held a solo exhibition World of the World -Gathering wind, to send off into the sky- at the Nizayama Forest Art Museum, Toyama in Japan which used to be a former hydroelectric power plant. He exhibited a giant painting with the size of 12m x 7m which is the installation moved by the wind.

From 2022, Wataru Yamakami will be in charge of stage design for performances directed by Hiroshi Koike; after the July 29-August 9, 2024 performance of “BREATH TRIPLE,” a stage design exhibition by Wataru Yamakami will be held at EARTH+GALLERY from August 10 to August 25, 2024.